Tori Amos: The Comic Book

My experiences with Tori Amos are limited to two things: 1) I knew she was the basis for Delirium in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comic and 2) in the ’90s when my girlfriend listened to her Tori Amos albums, she would give me dirty looks and refuse to make out with me for about a day afterwards. Suffice to say, that’s not quite enough to get my excited about the recently announced Comic Book Tattoo, a 500-page (!) anthology of comics (that’s the cover, above) inspired by Tori and her music. Really?each comic will be based on one of her songs. CBR sez:

?One thing to make very clear — this isn?t just a bunch of comic creators making a book and then slapping Tori?s name on it,? editor Rantz Hoseley said. ?She?s been very involved in the editorial process. Unlike a lot of anthologies, there have been multiple deadlines along the production path; plot, scripts, layouts, all of these had to be submitted so that Tori could look them over. Not in the manner of wanting to tell people what to do, or to make the book all ?the same,? but more to make sure that we had all of the bases covered in terms of really pushing the creators to work with us to make the best book possible; in order to make sure that we had a wide diversity of styles, themes and subjects and that the book wasn?t too sweet or too dark.

Uh-huh. I generally have no problem with Tori Amos or her fans, but a 500 page anthology is about 493 too many pages of Tori Amos for me. And I’m willing to bet $20 there’s at least one violent male castration in the book. Any takers?