Fan Fiction Friday: The Hardy Boys in “Tabling Frank”

Hardy_boys-747069.jpgYou knew this was bad when you saw the Hardy Boys were involved, right? Well, you’re half-right; Joe is safe and sound in this short story by Mellon, while Frank…well, let’s just say Frank has a bad day. In a Fan Fiction Friday first, I’m going to reprint the entire story, because I can scarcely believe it:

Fenton was drunk. Frank was there.

In one swoop, Fenton had cleared everything off the table, shoved his eighteen year old son down, face first onto the table, yanked down Frank’s jeans and rammed his large, hard dick up his son’s ass.

Frank moaned and writhed, his every move making Fenton harder and grind into him with more force.

Neither spoke. This wasn’t their first time. It usually happened when Laura was away and Fenton was drinking though. Because without alcohol fueling the flames, Fenton didn’t have the nerve to fuck his older son.

And all the time, while he grunted and groaned, Fenton imagined it was Joe.

And all the time, he writhed and moaned, Frank imagined doing this to Joe.

And all the time, Joe was upstairs asleep, oblivious to how much his world would change if his father and brother ever put their minds together.

The End.

To the point, you’ll have to agree, and it does convey more of a sense of danger for Joe than any caves full of smugglers or whatever filled up the 300 jillion Hardy Boys books. The next day, Joe and Frank went out to solve “The Mystery of Frank’s Inability to Sit Down.”