Indiana Jones and the Box Office Sodomy of Uwe Boll

According to TR‘s infinitely-more-popular sister blog Deadline Hollywood Daily, Indiana Jones made $151 mil on last Thursday through Monday on North America, and $311 million worldwide. It opened on a rather impressive 4000+ sceens, which certainly helped to a certain degree.

Uwe Boll’s Postal movie, which you might recall he claimed would crush Indiana Jones‘ box office and Steen Spielberg’s soul, opened on a rather less impressive 15 screens. Oddly, the studio has refused to release Postal’s box office figures. But let’s say each screen managed to play Postal a generous 10 times a day, and 100 people watched each time. At $10 a ticket, and for four straight days (Indy had the advantage of opening a day earlier), that means Postal theoretically earned…

$600,000. And remember, we’re being generous here. Still, Boll can take some solace in that at 11% freshness over at Rotten Tomatoes, it’s his best reviewed movie ever!