Marvel Hopes You Will See These Lost Children (in the Theaters)

Well, this is a pretty brilliant idea?Marvel is adapting its award-winning Runaways comic for a movie. The screenplay will be written by Runaways co-creator and writer Brian K. Vaughan, who will also produce. If you don’t know the comic, it’s a bout a bunch of kids who simultaneously discover their parents are supervillains and that they themselves have superpowers (from magic to having a pet velociraptor); the kids run away (get it?) and try to figure out how to stop their parents from taking over the world.

Part of the reason this is a great idea is that Runaways, unlike almost everything else Marvel, almost totally stands alone from the Marvel universe?the kids are new, the villains are new, and thus their origin story is the story?who don’t have to get it out of the way like with Spider-man or even Iron Man. But I’m worried that since this superhero group is composed entirely of kids, they’ll force the movie into a PG rating and lose the realistic dialog and situations (including death) that made the comic so good. I’d like to think they’d go for PG-13, but would mass audiences go to a PG-13 rated movie about kid superheroes? Unfortunately, I kind of doubt it. (Via Hollywood Reporter)