A Brief History of Captain America Not Appearing in The Incredible Hulk

I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors of Captain America making a cameo in the Incredible Hulk. And if you’ve seen the film, you know it’s not true. And yet, Hulk director Louis Leterrier has been swearing for weeks that the clip not only exists, but would be in the film. Here’s what gives, with much thanks to First Showing:

? As we all know, in the comics, Captain America was lost after WWII and later found frozen in a block on ice in the Arctic.
? Leterrier did indeed film a clip of Norton as Banner heading to some frozen tundra. Why? I’m not sure. To get away, I guess.
? That clip was cut from the movie. But you can still see it in early trailers, such as this one.
? Leterrier says that this is where the Cap cameo takes place. I’m guessing that the cameo doesn’t show a face as much as a body and Cap’s shield in the ice.
? The reason there was so much damn confusion is that Leterrier swore the clip was in the film, then when early reviewers of the Hulk said it wasn’t, Leterrier then said the clip would be added for the Hulk‘s actual release. It wasn’t, obviously.
? Now Leterrier says the Cap clip will definitely make it to the Hulk DVD, and possibly make it to the internet as early as this week.

So what I wonder is if this scene would also be part of the Captain America movie (or the Avengers movie) or if they’ll ret-con it. Marvel’s been doing such a great job of tying their movie universe together; I’d kind of hate for them to start dicking around now.

Oh, last but not least, the Hulk movie has provided me with my favorite penis enlargement spam email headline ever: “Her only hope is something incredible!”