Doomsday Seems to Clean Up Well

Newsarama reports that the guy on the left, Sam Witmer, has been hired to play Doomsday, the grotesque murderous alien on the right, in the next season of Smallville. I know, they look so much alike that it’s like Witmer was born for the role!

Oh, who am I kidding? The prettification of DC characters in Smallville?beginning with hiring an underwear model as Clark Kent?has been prevalent from day one, but having some male hottie play the craggy killer Doomsday seems a bit much, even still. It’s even more goofy when you learn Doomsday starts the series as David Bloome, a bartender the the Metropolis bar Ace of Clubs, which is a slight deviation from Doomsday’s comic origin as a being hyper-evolved into the universe’s most deadly murder machine, having murdered the inhabitants of countless planets.

Oh, if you recognize Witmer, chances are it’s because he played Crashdown in Battlestar Galactica. That is all.