Meet the New Transformers Who Will Pee on John Turturro in Transformers 2

Jeez, it seems like just this morning I was discussing Michael Bay’s uninspired title for the second Transformers movie. Now a cast sheet for the currently filming flick has gotten into the hands of the nerd press, and it reveals at least some of the new Transformers who will appear in the movie. The names are after the jump, for those who dare to keep all their dreams alive…

From MovieWeb:

? Arcee (motorcycle)
?The Twins (ice cream truck)
? Stinger (possibly a Porsche)
? Unknown Decepticon (Audi R8)
? Wheels or Wheelbot (go-kart)
? Jetfire (Blackbird)
? A “Constructicon Earth Mover”

Before you get excited at the thought of Arcee, or God forbid Devastator showing up in Revenge of the Fallen, please remember this film is being directed by Michael Bay and right this minute, he’s pissing in some way over your beloved franchise. Whether he’s giving them dull robot designs, terrible dialog or playing a wacky game of hide and seek in the suburbs, it’s not going to be as cool as you hope. Now, carry on with your weekend.