Buck Rogers Is One Good-Looking Mutha

I’m definitely late on this, but better now than never?Go Hero Toys is making a 12-inch Buck Rogers in the 25th Century figure, and it is fucking awesome. If the above pictures haven’t convinced you, please read this list of features:

? Removable Flight Helmet w/ Die-cast Features
? Die-cast Atomic Disintegrator w/ Translucent Chamber
? Hand Crafted Wooden Box w/ Laser Etched Design
? Tailored Cloth Outfit w/ Jodhpurs, Knit Shirt, & Belt
? Gauntlet Glove Hands & Pair of Hands
? Space Helmet w/ Clear Bubble
? Die-cast Visor (Fits in 2 Positions)
? Jet Pack w/ Electronic LEDs
? Vest w/ Die-cast Emblem
? Go Hero’s ATOM-EDIA Body*
? Boots & Socks
? Gun Holster w Strap
? Numbered C.O.A.

Uh…yeah. I hate it when toys wear better clothes than I do. Anyways, Buck will set you back $175, which isn’t chump change, but it’s very obvious where that money is going. You can sign up here for more info.