Fan Fiction Friday: A Pikachu Family in “Chu Breakfast”

ppikachu34.jpgLet’s just jump right in, shall we?

There lived in the Pokemon world a cute little family of Pikachus and Pichus. The family was four in number. Both kids were boys aged four and five. However even at this young age they were very sexually active. They have on numerous occasions had sex with each other enjoying it immensely. Then one day they thought it would be awesome to get their father in on it.

This was easier said then done as they knew their dad would be opposed to the idea since A. they were so young, B. it was incest, and C. he was heterosexual. So, they had an idea on how to get him. They would do it at breakfast the next morning when their mom went to work.

OH, YEAAAAH! screams the Kool-Aid man in my head. Gay pedophiliac animal incest starring cartoon characters? I’m nothing but impressed with author Drowyu’s willingness to make this as wrong as possible. Incidentally, the kids’ names are Dexter and Denny?let’s continue reading, shall we?

?Heya boys?, their father said to them as they came into the kitchen. ?Breakfast is almost ready?.

?Dad we have something else in mind for breakfast?, Dexter commented.

?Oh?? Inquired their father. ?And what would that be?”

The two brothers glanced at each other smiling wickedly and carefully snuck up on their father. Just as their dad turned off the pilot on the stove the 2 boys jumped him. Dexter had a cloth with Chloroform on it and he quickly placed and held this over the father?s nose and mouth while Denny held his legs. Slowly he lapsed into unconsciousness.

Oh, what mischievous little scamps! After binding their father, the two pikachu brothers decide to commit unnatural acts while their father is passed out; when he wakes up, the brothers add him. I’m not emotionally strong enough to tell you what they do?you’re welcome to read it yourself if you dare?but I will share what the pikachu dad thinks about this little ordeal.

The father unable to verbally protest … gave up and just laid back and accepted what was happening to him all the while wondering how they became so sexually active. He mentally blamed television.

Preaching to the choir, buddy. Preaching to the choir.