Medicom Finally Gets Around to Making Awesome DBZ Toys, 12 Years Later

Despite the fact that Dragonball Z has been just about the most popular series in Japan for the past two decades?and was pretty damn popular in America and other parts of the world, if you recall?it has always, always, had mediocre to shitty action figures. Neither Bandai of Japan nor Irwin Toy of Canada or Jakks Pacific of the U.S. made any DBZ figures that were worth a damn. Anyways, Medicom has finally gotten around to adding 12-inch figures of Goku, Piccolo and Super Saiayn Goku to its always incredible Real Action Heroes line, and needless to say, they’re awesome. Super-poseable, cloth outfits, perfectly sculpted?I mean, look at Goku’s thick, muscular arms! They’re a perfect 3D representation of the original anime/manga.

You know, sometimes I weird myself out. Anyways, the figures are ~$140 each, and can be pre-ordered here.