New Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Trailer Reveals…Nothing

…and we’re back! Just in time for E3, and this brand-spanking-new E3 trailer of Mortal Kombat Vs. DC, which has absolutely zero new characters or new footage. So why am I posting it? Well, I’m sure a few of you refused to sit through that Gametrailers TV bit a few days ago, so here’s your chance to see Catwoman and the Flash in action, and see demon ninjas punch Superman with terrifying effectiveness. Also, I think we all kind of have train-wreck syndrome when it comes to MK Vs. DC?it’s hard to look at, but we also can’t look away.

Last but not least, watching the DC characters do that exceptionally retarded upper body sway during the fights reminds me how much I hate Mortal Kombat as a game. No one does that, most because it looks stupid beyond words, and seeing Superman sway like a punch-drunk boxer before he gets beat up by Sonya Blade makes me cry. That is all.