SDCC: The Batman: Brave and the Bold Trailer Is Certainly Bold

Although I loved the hell out of The Extremely Dark Knight, I’m not one who always feels Batman should be brooding and angst-y. So this action-packed, vibrant trailer for the upcoming Brave and the Bold Batman cartoon came as a pleasant surprise?it looks like this Batman is ready to use plenty of gadgets, get the hell out of Gotham once in a while, and is willing to beat the living shit out of a number of nontraditional Batman villains with partners like Green Arrow, the new Blue Beetle (who I love, for some reason), Plastic Man and more to some high energy jazz tunes, as opposed to skulking in the shadows to copies of Danny Elfman’s original Batman score. At the very least, it’s a nice change of pace, and it looks entertaining as hell. (Via Comic Book Resources)