Topless Robot Self-Pleasure: Meet Heartless Doll!

vickivale.jpgI interrupt you from your daily schedule of nerdery to introduce the newest member of the Village Voice Media blog empire republic loose confederation family, and what is certainly the closest thing Topless Robot has to a real sister blog. It’s Heartless Doll, which is like a girly TR, for things girls are traditionally nerdy for like Judy Blume books, Gossip Girl, um…make-up…unicorns…Lisa Frank notebooks covers…you know, the ladies there could probably explain it better than me.

At any rate, since I’m quite the gentleman, I gave them a welcome present of “Batman’s Gal Pals Graded,” which rates the ladies in Batman’s comics, movies and TV series. I’d like to invite you all over there to read it and say hi (but please wipe your shoes off before you come in, because chicks hate that. And use a coaster).