Tyrese Gibson Dangles Thundercats Movie Knowledge in Front of You Like an Awesome Ball of Brightly Colored Yarn

While shilling for the upcoming Death Race movie at SDCC, Tyrese Gibson told Coming Soon that…

Tyrese said that he’s been very involved in the attempt to bring the classic ’80s cartoon series [Thundercats] to the big screen and seemed to hint that a deal is very nearly complete. We asked him what character he’d be playing and he just smiled and said that there’s a number of options on the table.

Last anyone heard, Thundercats was going to be a CG cartoon movie; it’s safe to say this is what Gibson is referring to, and not a live-action remake. When I first read this, I assumed Gibson was playing Panthro, and for some reason, that makes me feel like a racist. Granted, Panthro is a gray cat-man, but still, I feel weird that I assumed.