This Is Why Ghost Rider 2 Sucked, If You Were Wondering

I recently got Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance from Netflix. I knew it had gotten bad reviews, but I was boggled at the idea that a film starring Nic Cage in his crazy mode and directed by the guys who did the gleefully insane Crank movies could be bad (also, I thought the similarly maligned Punisher: War Zone was actually pretty solid). And yet it was! Very much so! For every one scene of something awesome happening (which means there were 30 minutes of horrible, dull, bullshit, which meant there were three awesome scenes in the film total). 

This new 11-minute collection of deleted scenes — that weren’t included on the DVD, to my knowledge — is a pretty perfect example of what I’m talking about. It includes a lengthy scene of Ciaran Hinds renting a car — let me repeat that, THERE IS A SCENE OF THE DEVIL RENTING A CAR. Thank god is was cut from the movie, but I assure you the movie’s other scenes weren’t much more exciting. On the other hand, this video does have Cage in his pre-CG Ghost Rider form, with face paint and orange lights around his head and acting… in that special Nic Cage way. Now, the scene still kind of sucks because it’s all about Ghost Rider staring into a thug’s eyes for an inordinately long time — it’s closer to romantic than it is terrifying — and is doubly annoying when you remember there are like a dozen other evil thugs right there that GR could be fighting, but no, he wants to have a staring contest with this on dude.
Although I will admit that Cage in his pre-CG get-up is infinitely more terrifying than the CG flaming skull. If I was in a dark alley and saw him walking toward me, I’d piss myself. (Via Blastr)