Mattel Mashes up DC Comics and Thomas the Tank Engine for Comic-Con


Although a Thomas the Tank Engine toy prominently features in the current trailer for Marvel’s Ant-Man, he and his friends are getting DC Comics makeovers as one of Mattel’s Comic-Con exclusives. I’d make a joke about him being a slut, which might be funny given that he’s a fictional train with (presumably) no naughty bits, but that’s probably a bad idea.

I’m more curious about the decision to bring Joker and Harley Quinn anywhere NEAR the world of Thomas. While Joker has had more family friendly incarnations, those that involve Harley usually are not. And the Thomas people aren’t like Sanrio, who gladly slap their cartoon characters on sex toys…you may recall that when I visited the Thomas the Tank Engine amusement park in England, there were rides we were forbidden to go on without a child accompanying us.

…and I just realized Julia’s gonna want these anyway. Damn.