Vampire Toast Is Crunchy, Undead King of the SDCC Toy Exclusives (Plus Futurama)

San Diego Comic con is a week-plus away, and Action-Figure is doing a great job of running down all the SDCC toy exclusives. I have to add two more to my wishlist?the little slice of awesomeness known as Vampire Toast, and a Futurama 2-pack from Toynami of Robot Santa and Bender in his Santa outfit. There will be 1000 plush Vampire Toasts courtesy of creator Dan Goodsell, who will sell them for $10. I don’t think I need to tell you how awesome this is.
As for the Futurama holiday pack, I’ve got mixed feelings about it?I want to buy everything with a Futurama logo on it, but Robot Santa is already the build-a-figure for the regular toy waves 4-6, which I’m definitely getting. Maybe his happy eyes gives him an exclusive face, but if they aren’t rotatable, I’d prefer the mean look. Santa Bender is pretty awesome, but I’m not sure he’s worth $50 by his lonesome. Agree? Disagree?