Choose Your Path: Sex-Demon or…Uh, a Walrus

DC unveiled the fourth wave of their World of Warcraft figures, but let’s not fool ourselves?all you guys really care about is the sexy figure, which is the Succubus Demon Amberlash, above. Once you get done looking at her?c’mon, eyes down here, boys?you should know that the other three figures include the Gnoll Warlord Gangris Riverpaw, a two-pack of Murlocs named Fish-eye and Gibbergill, and last but not least, this guy:

He’s apparently a Tuskarr, a new race coming with the upcoming Wrath of the Lich King expansion, but he’s also a bipedal walrus-man, which cracks me the hell up. Really? The entire pantheon of fantasy races to rip off, and you choose the walrus? If these guys aren’t doing war with some kind of barbarian penguin clan, I call foul. See the other two (non-sexy, non-walrus) figures over at Action-Figure.