Lego Versions of Every Star Wars Movie Poster to Be Given Away at Celebration


By “every,” I suppose we do have to point out that we mean just the ones with “Episode” in the title, since more and more people nowadays are becoming semantic sticklers for something I pointed out just to be annoying way back in my original Attack of the Clones review – there are also spin-offs, and have been since the first Ewok movie was released theatrically as Caravan of Courage in Europe.

If you can’t make it to Star Wars Celebration, these will also be available later at Lego stars and somewhere around May the 4th.

And incidentally – who’d be down for Lego Caravan of Courage? In any form? Even if only so we’d get the sequel and a Wilford Brimley minifig?






h/t Jim Dandeneau