Cthulhu Movie Features Tori Spelling, Extra “H”

I feel like a terrible nerd, because I had no fucking clue someone was trying to make a Cthulu movie?named Cthulhu?for the past few years. Apparently, the above flick was finished last year, but has only been slowly eking its way across the country in small, one-time showing. I’m no genius, but it may be because the film looks goofy as hell, a theory bolstered by the inclusion of Tori Spelling in the cast. Admittedly, the flick did win the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival award, but I have to think they might have been slightly biased. You can check out the film’s site here, if you dare. You won’t be eaten by a dark octopus-headed god if you do, but you might accidentally read the incredible goofy synopsis. (Via Io9)