Fox Hates All the Comic Movies

Not content with suing Warner Bros. to try and stop the Watchmen movie from ever being released (although yeah, they probably just want free money), Fox has set its sights on fucking around with another upcoming comic movie: it’s own X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Word is that Fox exec Tom Rothman is?despite the jillion dollars The Dark Knight made this summer, clearly proving audiences prefer their superhero movies a bit dark?determined to make Wolverine more kid-friendly in tone. Right now, this has consisted to totally re-doing sets when director Gavin Hood has been away, without his knowledge.

If you look up Rothman, he’s kind of the comic movie grim reaper, mercilessly slaying quality for his own totally inappropriate, senseless notions of what the public wants, and his two Fantastic Four movies and X-3 (the one X-Men movie he had the most control over). So…yeah. God only knows what’ll happen, but they can never take away the summer of 2008 from us, nerds. We’ll always have Iron Man/Incredible Hulk/The Dark Knight. Stay strong! (Via Defamer)