There’s Going to Be a Non-Giant Monster Wrestling Movie


Oh. My. God. If this doesn’t sound like the greatest movie ever to you, then we probably can’t be friends. From Shock Til Your Drop:

The filmmakers behind Scarce are going to be ringleaders of a Monster Brawl.

Dave Foley, Robert Maillet, wrestling vets Jimmy Hart and Kevin Nash,
MMA ref Herb Dean and Lance Henriksen are participating in this
horror-comedy shooting up in Ontario for Foresight Features.

The film depicts an action-packed fighting tournament set in an abandoned graveyard transformed into a brawling venue. Brawl
promises to feature a roster of classic monsters, battling to the death
in an explosive Pay-Per-View television broadcast format.

Vampires. Werewolves. Mummies. Gill Men. Who knows what else. All fighting like god intended, by professionally wrestling each other. Yes, it’s obviously going to be a terrible movie, but I still think it’s also going to be awesome. But I hope to hell that Lance Henriksen is the ref; he’s the only guy badass enough to keep everybody in line. (Via Live For Films)