Here’s a Worthy Crowd-Sourcing Fundraiser: Save Karen Black’s Life

karen black.jpg

The actress you know from such films as House of 1000 Corpses, Day of the Locust and Trilogy of Terror has exhausted her life savings battling cancer. Now weighing 96 pounds and missing a pancreas, she and her husband have one last chance:

Karen’s family physician of many years called us two weeks ago and told us of success she has had with several of her patients doing a treatment in Europe as part of a clinical study there. I cannot go into more details now, but I promise I will in the future as we get involved. I will say that this is a medically supervised program and it targets Karen’s kind of cancer. In fact, we personally know two of the patients that have had remarkable recoveries from cancer there. So we know it works, and right now it is her best and only shot.

But we have to move fast, Karen needs to go in the next few weeks, otherwise she might be to weak to go at all.

There’s no guarantee this will work, of course. But it strikes me as a worthier cause than reviving a canceled TV show (or, Cthulhu help us, an NFL team for Los Angeles), even though you don’t get any “perks” beyond the karma of helping to maybe keep a woman alive.

That beats a home-burned DVD in my book, any day.