Hasbro Begins New “Awkward Moments in Star Wars” Toyline

Your eyes do not deceive you?that is indeed a new, real, Hasbro-made, official Star Wars toy set of Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru being accosted by Stormtroopers at home. Although the set is simply called the “Disturbance at the Lars Homestead,” it might be more accurately named “Owen and Beru’s Final Moments” or “Before the Stormtroopers Set Them on Fire,” or even “One Order of Lars, Extra Crispy, Please.”

This is only the first of a whole new line of toy sets commemorating the most awkward moments in the Star Wars films. Keep a look out for future sets, including:
? Young Boba Fett, carrying his father’s severed head
? Old Boba Fett, being slowly digested in the Sarlacc
? Luke and Leia’s open-mouth kiss in the Hoth sick bay
? Anakin visits the Tusken Raider daycare teepee
? Jar-Jar steps in feces
? Palpatine makes an awkward pass at Anakin during the water ballet-thing
? Ugnaught group shower
(Via Rebelscum)