Marvel Takes a Stand?The Stand, to be Precise

Seeing as Marvel’s collaboration with Stephen King and their Dark Tower comic sold like gangbusters and was well-reviewed, it shouldn’t be any surprise that Marvel has decided to take another bucket from the well that is King’s noggin. As announced in June, Marvel will adapt the preposterously long The Stand in a 5-issue series written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and drawn by Mike Perkins, subtitled Captain Trips (which is one of the names of plague that destroys 99% of humanity, if you don’t remember. I didn’t).

Anyways, Marvel released the above trailer for the comic earlier (which they were kind enough to pass along), and it looks good, and I already think the story’s swell. Hopefully, The Stand comic will sell well enough that Marvel can hire someone with an actual low voice to do the hyper-serious voice-over on their next trailer, instead of some regular guy forcing his voice to drop as low as it can go.