Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Public Massage Machine

Had a rough day at work? If you’re a Japanese salaryman, of course you did. Before you go out and get stinking drunk at some yakitori joint, why not relax a little with one of Sega’s massage machines? I’ll fully admit that I have no idea how these things work?it appears that you get five minutes for 100 yen (or a dollar, one hell of a deal), stick your feet in the holes, and pick which part you want massaged. It also looks like there are hand holes, but with no hand map, who knows? I have to say Japan certainly beats America when it comes to stuff like this. I know we have those massages chairs in the middle of airport terminals, but we couldn’t have unattended massage machines elsewhere. Homeless people and idiots delinquents would be shitting in the foot holes, and that’s kind of the opposite of relaxing. (Via A Geek in Japan)