The Dark Knight Will F**k Your Movie Up


So The Dark Knight beat The Mummy 3 to become the #1 movie for a third week in a row. It was close?TDK got $43.8 millions, while Mummy snagged $42.8 million?but that puts TDK‘s total U.S. gross at $394 million, which means it will also snag the record for quickest movie to earn $400 million.

But all that is just gravy?all nerds want to know is if The Dark Knight can beat Titantic‘s $600 million domestic gross and $1.8 billion worldwide gross to become the #1 movie ever. The bad news is that everyone says “no.” Now, Star Wars is in second place for the U.S. at $460, and it seems like TDK could easily beat that. But those goofy foreign people don’t seem to understand how important this is?TDK‘s only raked up $200 million overseas, which puts it at #39 on the top-grossing worldwide.

So yeah, Titanic‘s worldwide record is safe. But am I crazy for thinking that TDK could beat $600 million in the U.S.? None of the critics think so, but if TDK is earning over $40 million it’s third week, I can’t help but thinking there’s a possibility. I mean, next week’s big movie is Pineapple Express?which looks great?but pot movies usually tank at the theater and make their money on DVD. I obviously could be wrong, but I can easily see TDK staying in theaters for the next three months, and if it earns about $20 mil each weekend…