The Secret, Torrid Love Affair of Admiral Ackbar and Mon Mothma

No, “Fan Fiction Friday” isn’t running early this week?instead, the famed Mon Calamari admiral and the…woman…in the gown…who leed the presentations (what the hell does Mon Mothma do?) in ROTJ got hitched recently in Portland, Oregon. It does make one worry about freakish half-calamari, highly anti-fascist babies running about, but since the two were actually Star Wars nerds Bill Duda and Reb?ecca D’Madeiros getting married in costume, their future children are probably safe (from that, anyways). The couple decided to have a Star Wars wedding where not only did they get married by Yoda (thank god neither of them was a Jedi, since they aren’t allowed to love) but forced their 70 guests to come in costume. Says Metro UK:

Dressed as senator Mon Mothma and the unsightly adm?iral, the couple enjoyed an advance guard of Imperial Stormtroopers as they walked up to the officiator, Yoda, who had secured his marriage lic?ense on the internet a few weeks earlier.

Details of the wedding vows that followed were not clear but it is thought pledging to battle for eternity against the Galactic Empire and the forces of evil was mentioned.

May the Force be with you crazy kids, especially for having the guts to make your surely horrified families to play along. Good job?don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.