Toys of the Week: Final Fantasy VII Play Arts Vol. 2

Let me state outright?Square Enix did not “buy me off” by sending me copies of Vincent, Yuffie, Red XIII and Sephiroth, the four figures in their second wave of Final Fantasy VII Play Arts figures. I had already pre-ordered them anyways, and my integrity and a lowly blogger, whose paycheck most of you would use to sneeze on, is never for sale. Besides, I’m already a frothing, bat-shit insane FF7 fanboy anyways, and I’d be telling you guys to buy these awesome figures no matter what.

Each figure is about $25 each, which is standard for the line, but Square just keeps improving the sculpting and the articulation, much improved from when they made these figures in their Advent children designs. Vincent can raise his arms thanks to an articulated cloak, Yuffie has a small torso joint, and the Red XIII is nicely articulated, but his real coolness is what a great paint job he has. Plus, all the characters have excellent faces, not only more attuned to the original game design, but much better capturing their personalities?Yuffie has a mischievous smile, Sephiroth has a haughty look of disdain, etc.

I could go on?in fact I have, over at my “Astro Toy” gig over at ANN?but the short answer is these are the best Final Fantasy VII toys out there. They’re supposed to be available every where, but the only place I’ve found the online is Square’s own online store, here. Enjoy.