Wonder Woman Cartoon Trailer Reveals the Marketing People Weren’t Even Trying

wonderwomancartoon.pngOkay. Go over to Yahoo, watch the new trailer for DC’s direct-to-DVD Wonder Woman cartoon movie, than get your ass back here.

You back? Good. Okay, so the trailer looked good enough?plenty of action, and a far wider variety of bad guys for WW to beat up than I would have supposed, but the people responsible for branding the movie should be beaten. Actually, they should be beaten apathetically for several months. There are two taglines for this film, and both are beyond lame:

? Experience a hero’s epic journey from princess to warrior
? Some heroes are made?this one was born

Besides being incredibly generic, neither of them make any damn sense. I thought the whole point of Wonder Woman is that she was Diana, the WARRIOR PRINCESS of the Amazons. That’s her whole deal. It’s not like she was on Amazonia picking flowers until Steve Trevor popped by. Besides, it’s also not like she stops being a princess when she leaves, so she’s a Warrior Princess when the movie starts, and still a Warrior Princess when it ends. Right?

The second tag is worse, since Wonder Woman?as has been her origin for years?was in fact made out of clay by her mother, Queen Hippolyta. So yes, this hero was one of the “made” ones. She couldn’t have been less born.

Also, I’d like to point out a neat word for further Wonder Woman promotional use: “heroine.” It means “female hero.” As it turns out, Wonder Woman is also a female hero, and perhaps, if you wanted to get other females interesting in this movie, you might play up the fact that the lead character is also female. Just a thought.