A New Clone Wars Trailer Brings a New Hope


Cartoon Network got their hands on some Clone Wars footage and made their own promo for the series (still debuting on October 3rd), and it might be due entirely to the skilled editors over at the Turner campus, but damned if it doesn’t look pretty good. Sure, Grievous isn’t that intimidating, Ahsoka is just as eye-rollingly spunky as she was in the movie, and the Battle Droids are still sub-Three Stooges levels of retarded, but…there’s nothing actively punishing in there. Yoda looks like he’s going to give a pep talk to his Clones; there’s a Mon Calamari jedi, which is kinda cool; and maybe it’s just the use of the old-school John Williams theme (which was shockingly lacking from the movie), but all the lightsaber duel and space battles seemed much more exciting. Best of all, no Ziro.

I’m genuinely afraid this is just the magic of the CN trailer makers?I seriously doubt Lucas will change his mind and use John Williams’ score?but it’s wiped enough of the bad taste from the movie out of my mouth to watch the first episode. Mission accomplished, CN.

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