Don’t Get Excited About the Buffy MMO

Although Multiverse has just announced it’s making a Buffy the Vampire Slayer massively multiplayer game, there’s not much reason for you to be excited. Seriously. First off, Multiverse hasn’t exactly made a game before; the company is known for making MMO tools and resources for other companies to make games from. Second, the Buffy game is coming at the expense of the Firefly MMO?which Multiverse announced back in 2006?and which has now been “delayed indefinitely.” Third, Multiverse says the Buffy MMO will be playable as “either as a fully immersive 3D environment or as a Flash-based 2D game,” which is the equivalent of saying “it will be both a PC game and a magical unicorn, which you can ride.” Seeing as Multiverse has difficulties finishing one game, I doubt they’ll do any better trying to make the Buffy game twice simultaneously. (Via Kotaku)