Evil Dead: The Musical: The Movie

It’s not Evil Dead 4, but I’ll take it?the Evil Dead musical is going to be its own movie. Say the fine folks at /Film:

According to Screen Daily, Raimi has given the okay for a 3D theatrical movie based on Evil Dead: The Musical, to be co-directed by the musical?s original director, Christopher Bond, and choreographer, Hinton Battle. Bond would like to begin filming next spring with members of the original cast, though the filmmakers will need to address ?serious rights issues.?

You can see part of the musical in the YouTube clip above, but remember, this will be 3D, so severed hands, demonic tentacles and several thousand gallons of blood will be projected at you, which can only be a plus. Yeah, yeah, we’d all like Evil Dead 4, but hopefully this’ll tide us over while Raimi knocks out Spider-man 4 and 5.