Your 2011 SDCC Most Major-est News Round-Up

? The hit of the show was undoubtedly the Avatar: Legend of Korra preview. Let’s watch it one more time, shall we?
? The Doctor Who 6.2 trailer is also nice, and features Rory punching Hitler, which I didn’t realize yesterday. Honestly, if the BBC wants to make The Rory Adventures as spin-off of Who, I would be 100% okay with that.
? The Star Wars Blu-rays will have a bunch of well-known but never really shown deleted scenes, and thus my meager resistance to purchasing it has been crushed.
? Marvel’s doing a lot of TV series and cartoons, some of which may actually get made.
? Peter Dinklage: Still awesome.
? David Tennant’s Fright Night clip fulfilled my “equal sexiness for nerd girls and gay men” quota for July. Most of August, too.
? The Amazing Spider-Man‘s Andrew Garfield made an impassioned, fumbling nerd speech about how awesome Spider-Man is and how meaningful the character has been to him while The Amazing Spider-Man‘s Rhys Ifans got drunk and pushed a security guard. That’s weirdly appropriate.
? The Walking Dead season 2 trailer looks a lot more like Walking Dead‘s incredibly awesome pilot than the less awesome other episodes, which is a good thing.
? Star Wars Kinect may be the worst videogame of year, decade, century and also possibly millennium. It’s really that shitty. When you can’t even get the game to work for your SDCC promo video, you know you’ve fucked something up royally.

And I’m done! SDCC: Completed. If you’ll recall, I’m taking tomorrow off to recover, and will return with a new Daily List and regular coverage and normal nerd nonsense at 8am EST on Wednesday. I hope you enjoyed TR‘s SDCC coverage, because I’m ready to pass the hell out and I’d prefer it be for a decent cause.