A Blu-ray Harvest of Deleted Star Wars Scenes

Yesterday, attendees to the Star Wars Fan Awards at SDCC were treated to the above sizzle reel of deleted scenes from the upcoming Star Wars Blu-ray releases. Amongst the visual treasures offered up by this (sadly dialogue-free) minute-long trailer are footage of the cut Wampa sequence from The Empire Strikes Back, a few glimpses of the sandstorm scenes from Return of the Jedi and Luke’s original introduction from Star Wars. It’s all fascinating stuff. You’ll notice that there’s a very obvious lack of cut material from the prequels here. That’s not a complaint, but I should remind you that the above treasures will only be included in the Star Wars: The Complete Saga Blu-rays — so you are basically being forced to buy the prequels if you want to legally see the good stuff. Sigh. Still though, lookit R2 speeding away from that Wampa!