Huh? There’s Gonna Be a CG, Game-Based Resident Evil Movie?

I love it when I’m totally out of the loop, and unaware of projects that have been announced for nearly a year. If it weren’t for Television Without Pity‘s Zach Oat, I’d still be unaware of Resident Evil: Degeneration. Clearly, Capcom is taking a page out Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children pagebook (hoping to similarly make a zillion bucks like Advent Children did), as this straight-to-DVD flick is set seven years after the Raccoon City stuff from the first three games, and stars both Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield. As you can see from this (old) trailer (which is totally new to me), the T-virus hits an airport, standing in lieu of the standard zombie-filled mall.

I’m very much in support of these games-turned-CG movies. Makers of Ico, get the hell on it. What are your suggestions?