Is Blade Runner 2 the Worst Idea Ever? Yes!

Okay, maybe Nazism was overall a worse idea, but making a sequel to an utterly complete science fiction masterpiece has got to be up there. Still, according to /Film, Eagle Eye co-writer Travis Wright is writing a script for Blade Runner 2?let me let that sink in for a second, one of the co-writers of FUCKING EAGLE EYE?on behest of Blade Runner co-producer Bud Yorkin. Now, as /Film says to keep us all from slitting our wrists immediately, no studio has actually asked for a Blade Runner sequel, or hired anyone to do anything?this is just Yorkin and Wright…uh…HAVING THE WORST IDEA EVER.

But this isn?t just some small side project, Travis also claims that they are already working with a pre-visualization team on some of the hunter action sequences for their eventual pitch with the studio. I don?t believe that Ridley Scott is involved, but the screenwriting team has worked directly with his brother Tony Scott on projects, so their might be a possible connection.

I’m hard pressed to think of a science fiction movie that needs a sequel less than Blade Runner. And seriously, if this happens, is there any way Shia the Beef is not cast as Deckard? Oh, looks like it’s scotch for brunch today.