Japan’s Ultimate Matrix Collection Is Much More Ultimate Than Yours

Why? Because it has this fucking incredible model of the Nebuchadnezzar ship that The Matrix‘s Keanu and crew go flying around when they’re not attending rave orgies. This Japan-only set including everything the U.S. edition does?three discs of movies, the Animatrix, and three discs of extras?and thanks to the ship, runs almost $400.

Now here’s the crazy part. The ship? It’s the DVD case. Yes, all seven discs are stored inside?the front half of the ship opens up to reveal ’em. Please, if you want to see how this works, go to Toys R Evil to check it out (he even has a YouTube video of the ship/case in action. I’m no Matrix fan, but I have admit this thing is pretty sweet. In case you were wondering, the ship was made by Hot Toys, who are clearly toymakers from the future who have traveled back in time to bankrupt nerds with their superior toymaking technology. More power to ’em.