Red Vs. Blue Vs. Saturday Morning

Sorry to get you excited, but the beloved Halo machinema Red Vs. Blue will not be getting a Saturday morning cartoon, as awesome as that would be. But Rooster Teeth, the folks behind Red Vs. Blue, did debut a rather fantastic actual Red Vs. Blue cartoon at PAX this past weekend. They’ve admitted they have no plans to make more, but they do have some hope (for some terrible reason, they also have no plans to put the clip online, which is why you’re getting this bootleg). It appears some game sites are calling it anime, which does not appear to be true, and certainly, Rooster Teeth hasn’t claimed any Japanese studio worked on the thing. Something tells me most Japanese studios wouldn’t be beating down the doors to work on a low-budget, barely authorized short work for a cult American audience based on an American game. Still, it’s a hoot to watch. (Via Joystiq)