Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Transvestite Videogame Musicals

To be more specific: a musical based on the best-selling Phoenix Wright lawyering videogame series, and played entirely by women. Sure it sounds bizarre, and yes, it totally is. However, Japan loves their musicals, having had several for anime series like Bleach, The Prince of Tennis and Sailor Moon on the past (Sailor Moon actually had three different musicals, if I recall correctly). But what makes this special is that the famed Takarazuka Revue is doing the show, which is a highly popular, all-woman musical theater group that has done this sort of thing for almost 100 years. Normally, they do musicals based on Japanese literature (and other international classics), as well as a bevy of American musicals; this, the ladies appear to have succumbed to the magic of the Nintendo DS. The show begins in February, so book your tickets?show and plane?now. (Via Kotaku)