Warner Bros. Is Stupid Enough to Be Talking About a Watchmen Sequel

In a move sure to cause Alan Moore to laugh darkly about Hollywood’s ludicrous, mercantile, artistic bankrupty, then cause him to tear his massive hair out in rage and fury, someone over at Warner Bros. is thinking about a Watchmen movie sequel. Or a prequel. Or just some way to turn their movie, which by all accounts will be a hit (assuming that pesky lawsuit with Fox gets worked out), into a franchise. From MTV’s Splashpage:

MTV News recently spoke to actor Patrick Wilson, who plays Nite Owl in the much-anticipated adaptation of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons? graphic novel, and asked him to weigh in on the film?s sequel potential.

?It?s all been talked about,? laughed Wilson. ?Financially, they like to do that. But all of us, [director]Zack [Snyder] included, all go, ?How on Earth could you do a sequel or prequel???

?Certainly, artistically, I can?t fathom how it would happen,? said Wilson. ?But hey, if Alan Moore writes it, I?d love to read it.?

Wilson, like all the Watchmen cast members, signed up to do any sequels/prequels in their contracts, although Wilson points out that’s more a standard Hollywood contract thing than any kind of certainty that more Watchmen will be made. While it’s nice that the director and cast are at least baffled by the idea of more, unfortunately, the Watchmen game will be a prequel to the movie; if Watchmen makes a great deal of money, I doubt Warner will fail to hire some screenwriter hack to make another. In fact, there’s probably dozens of hacks who would be honored to try and add more to th story, which definitively belongs to Alan Moore. Hey, I hear Eoin Colfer may be free soon…