What the Hell Is Going On with Ghostbusters 3?

Okay. You’ve heard the rumors. You’ve heard the wishful thinking. You’ve been told Judd Apatow and his comedy ne’er-do-wells were involved. Now it’s time to sit down and figure this thing out.

? Columbia has ordered a script for Ghostbusters 3.
? This script is being written by Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg, who both write and produce The Office, along with Harold Ramis, who co-wrote both original movies with Aykroyd.
? The script reportedly calls for the original Ghostbusters team of Murray, Ramis, Aykroyd and Hudson, but also that “next-generation” team that Apatow’s boys have been rumored to play.
? None of the original Ghostbusters actors have been approached about the movie, and won’t be until the script is finished.
? Since Dan Aykroyd knew two “hot young writers” were working on a script when he was interviewed a few days ago, he knew about the project. Reportedly, Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman also apparently knew about the project.
? Here’s where it gets awkward: Apparently Columbia Pictures originally ordered a script treatment from just Stupnitsky and Eisenberg, which was awesome….but no one had told Ramis, who was pissed, and when he read it, said it was terrible. So that’s why Ramis is now working with both writers on a new script…and according to some, all of Ramis’ ideas are significantly more terrible than the first, Ramis-less script. But put a big “reportedly” on all of this.
? In Aykroyd’s interview yesterday, he said Apatow’s posse was not involved, but he would love them to be.
? If Rick Moranis can’t be bothered to spend a few hours in a comfortable recording booth for a Ghostbusters videogame, it is doubtful he’d agree to be in a new movie.

I don’t want to get in the mess of the script, since god only knows what is true or not. But I will say that I’m totally down with a Ghostbusting team of Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd, and potentially Steve Carell or Jason Segel. I think that’d be awesome as hell, and like everyone in their 30s, I have to imagine they love the original film as much as we do (who doesn’t love Ghostbusters?) and would jump at the chance. I’m sure some of you disagree, so feel free to call for my death in the comments. (Via /Film, Yahoo, Pajiba)