Rock Band Invites You to Rock Out with Your Wallets Out

Surely you still have money after ponying up $200 for Rock Band 2 and then maybe $20 for downloadable songs, right? Well, then you might want to look under the couch cushion for some change, because Harmonix is now selling merchandise of your personal band on its online store.

Seriously. You can upload your band’s logo, and get a shirt, keychain or bumper sticker printed with it on it over at the Rock Band Merch Booth, which is pretty intensely awesome. If you have $70, you can actually get a custom-made figure of your rock star in 6-inch figure form. I don’t even own Rock Band (yet) and I desperately, desperately want merchandise of my own band.

I’m also stunningly impressed how Harmonix has added “whoring out your image to a plethora of consumer products” simulation to Rock Band. It really is the total rock n’ roll experience.