The Ecto-1 Is On Ebay

Even the Ghostbusters are feeling the economic recession these days. That’s obviously why the team is unloading the Ecto-1 on eBay, currently available for $45,000. Admittedly, this particular Ecto wasn’t in the movie, but was made for Universal Studios theme parks. However, it has zero miles and a few other tidbits:

Mechanically the car runs great and is powered by a Chevy 350 with a turbo 400 transmission. This is a big heavy car and while it won’t win any races, it’s fine for around town cruising and driving. Has upgraded master cylinder, brand new brakes and brake lines and will stop on a dime! For insurance reasons most of the glass was removed from the car and replaced with acrylic windows. This does not detract from the car at all and can be easily changed by a qualified glass company. The front windshield has some scratching on the drivers side and a small crack on the passenger side. 1959-1960 glass will work and included with the sale is a brand new windshield rubber seal.

The interior headliner is brand new and in great shape with zipper access to the light bars and hardware. The front seat was recently re-upholstered by Universal and in great condition. The dash was modified by Universal and has gauges for everything you need, but it’s been covered in carpet and the instrument cluster has been covered. The original cluster is behind the gauges and easily accessible. There is no key start for the car, it’s been modified to a push button start for ease of use at the Universal Studios Theme Parks. There are two kill switches on the car for security and two gel cell batteries supply the cold cranking amps to get this beast going.

…and a great deal more; check out the auction page here. The car is currently in Tennessee, where the private owner is just waiting for someone to take it off his hands and clean up the town, so to speak. (Via /Film)