BREAKING: Star Wars Kinect Might Not Be the Worst Thing Ever

Look — the regular part of Star Wars Kinect still looks terrible. You’re playing a Jedi on rails, fighting slow Battle Droids, with unresponsive controls. It still seems unbelievably awful. So Lucasfilm, perhaps realizing their game sucked ass, has managed to add something that might actually be fun to play — Rancor Rampage.

Yes, apparently there’s a whole ‘nother game mode where you’re just a Rancor trying to break as much shit in Tatooine as possible. That’s awesome. You just walk around, crushing building, eating people, and occasionally tossing them into the horizon. Assuming the controls still suck — and why wouldn’t they — it probably won’t be too annoying, because you’re only trying to break shit anyways (and not do finesse actions, like deflecting lasers and shit) and besides, you’re a huge, lumbering monster, and those are notoriously hard to control anyways. Look, it’s not necessarily a reason to buy the game, but man, thank god it’s something. Thanks to Kurtis M. for the tip.