Avengers Movie Trifecta: New Clip, Coulson Comics, 1970s Version

? I really, really didn’t want to post yet another Avengers clip, but this one is Agent Coulson totally fangirling out over meeting Captain America, and it’s just too damn perfect not to share. Honestly, if you only watch one clip, this one should be it.

? Speaking of the Marvel movie-verse’s main man, Agent Coulson, he’s making his official Marvel-616 comic universe debut in the sixth issue of Battle Scars. I approve mightily. Now get on that Phil Coulson, Agent of SHIELD series, Marvel. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO.

? Someone cut together this incredibly well done “1970s” version of an Avengers movie trailer (well, TV movie). You’ll note that both Hulk is from his ’80s TV series, and Thor is from the late-’80s Hulk TV movie, and Iron Man Man is actually Exo-Man from the little seen, little loved TV movie bomb. Still, the video itself is fantastic — and the only thing better than having Kiss guest star is the casting of Paul Lynde as Loki.