Captain America’s Director Confuses Me Immensely

When Marvel decided to make a Thor movie, it hunted high and low until it landed the immensely talented, Shakespearean actor/director Kenneth Branagh for the job. Branagh has skills, experience and the clout to make Thor, not the easiest superhero sell to the mainstream, an incredible success. So now Marvel has found a director for The First Avenger: Captain America, the heart and soul of the Avengers and Marvel’s potentially biggest movie franchise, and…uh…they hired the guy who made Honey I Shrunk the Kids. From the Hollywood Reporter:

Joe Johnston has inked a deal to direct “First Avenger: Captain America,” Marvel Studios’ take on its classic comic book character. Marvel’s Kevin Feige is producing. No writers are on board, but the studio, which is hearing pitches, expects to hire shortly.

“This is a guy who designed the vehicles for ‘Star Wars,’ who storyboarded the convoy action sequence for ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark,’ ” Feige said. “From ‘Rocketeer’ to ‘October Sky’ to ‘The Wolfman,’ you can look at pieces of his movies and see how they lead to this one.”

If you check out Johnston’s IMDB page, he’s directed only 9 movies in 20 years, none of them particularly great. He did direct The Rocketeer?and I assume that’s how he got the Cap job?and he’s currently making the new Wolf Man movie, but he also did Jurassic Park III and The Pagemaster. I don’t know how anyone could look at his resume?particularly the same people who hired Branagh for Thor?and say, “Man, this guy has got to make Captain America!”