Okay. I was all set to post today’s “Fatality Friday” video from Mortal Kombat Vs. DC, especially since it had Superman and Wonder Woman’s “heroic brutalities.” But in all honesty, they are both so boring?Wonder Woman lassos her opponent and swing him around, Supes pounds his foe into the ground, and they both look like lame regular moves?that you can go watch it here if you dare. Meanwhile, the above MK Vs. DC video is far more interesting, mostly because it’s so ridiculous.

Apparently, the designers felt the need to include “Rage” into the game’s story, Now, in gameplay, the “rage” meter just means that you glow yellow, and can keep attacking while taking damage. Totally just a little gameplay thing. In the story, “rage” is possessing both the MK and DC rosters, and forcing them to scream “RRRAAAAAAGGGGEEEEE!!!!” repeatedly, and it’s pretty fucking hilarious. My favorite is Captain Marvel, essentially saying “Their universe is colliding with ours, and it just makes me so angry!”