The Prince of Persia in The Inanity of Entertainment TV News

The Prince of Persia has a new enemy, and I’m not sure how much his time powers will be able to help him. Unless he’s able to fast-forward instead of rewind (a la Viewtiful Joe), he’s going to have to sit through a number of insipid questions from the dim-witted Entertainment Tonight reporter, a feat deadlier than any spiked pit. Also, Jerry Bruckheimer says the cinematography of the PoP movie is like Lawrence of Arabia, which is embarrassing for all involved. Also, the heroine seems to have “I kill you!” as one of her lines, which might not bode well for the script’s overall brilliance. Lucky, the Prince?better known as Jake Gyllenhaal?has his deprecating wit, short attention span, terrible hair, and his new buffness to combat these foes. Will it be enough? I’m already bored, so you can let me know later. (Via Kotaku)