Waterworld: The Musical, with a Brief Thanksgiving Intermission

Ladies and gents, I am very proud to present the trailer for the Broadway musical smash of the greatest movie of our generation: Waterworld. Sure, it definitely is might be a viral video for some movie starring Patrick Warburton that can’t possibly be as good, but it’s the holidays, and we should just be thankful it exists at all.

But you don’t have to be thankful to me, because I’m leaving you high and dry–Topless Robot is powering down, putting on a sweater, and won’t return until Monday morning, December 1st. Yes, that means no contest, and no FFF–after last week, my brain needs time to heal (if you desperately need hot cartoon man-on-cartoon boy action, just hunt through the archive: there’s surely a few gems from TR‘s early days that you missed.) Please, all of you–have a happy Thanksgiving, primarily by overeating and getting soused. And then by heading back here on Monday, if only to escape from the non-nerds in your biological family.